Our MINI Electric Programs

Our dealership partners with every single program listed below, and will continue to employ new programs as they become available. It’s essential that you verify your qualifications with a tax professional, because while we can advise on what is available each personal situation is different. That said, most rebates are moving towards pre-qualification to take the guesswork out of it completely (yay!).

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The Federal Tax Rebate provides up to $7500, with a current list of models and their rebate values listed on the website. You can claim these on purchased BMW or MINI, but not leased vehicles.
Federal Tax Rebate Eligible Vehicles
This is commonly referred to as the California State Rebate, and provides up to $2000. You can pre-qualify for this rebate through CVRP Rebate Now, and we’re a member dealer for that program (not all dealers are, in fact we helped pilot the program early on).
California CVRP Rebate Eligible Vehicles
This is a pre-approval program for California residents that can get you an additional $1500 toward your next electric vehicle. It can be applied on both leases and purchases, and was put in place to encourage electrification.
California Clean Fuel Reward
This program works off of pre-qualified grants, with specific income and tax levels. It can provide up to $5000 for those who do qualify, and there are some great resources on this website if you’re just starting to research the differences between electric, plug in hybrid, and hybrid vehicles.
Clean Vehicle Assistance Program
One of the main appeals of going electric is the HOV Decals, especially in San Diego where the 5 and 15 freeways provide much of our commutes.
HOV Lane Sticker Eligible Vehicles
BMW and MINI have partnered with EVgo to simplify your public charging.
BMW Charging Powered by EVgo
BMW and MINI showcase and sell all their home charging solutions through Amazon.
BMW Home Charging Solutions (Amazon)

Our MINI Electric Vehicles For Sale in Escondio, CA

There are several programs to navigate when researching your purchase, and BMW of Escondido is ready to help you find all the incentives when purchasing. Our client advisors are here to not only show you these vehicles, but also provide you with the answers you need to go electric.

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