All Access

BMW All Access by BMW | MINI of Escondido is your source for exclusive access to events, offers, complimentary loaner cars when you schedule service, discounts off of lifestyle products and accessories, and crazy good coffee roasted just for us by Looking Homeward Coffee in Seattle.

15% off lifestyle and vehicle accessories.

Thank you for servicing your vehicle at BMW of Escondido and MINI of Escondido. As a way to say thanks for being a valued client, every time you bring in your car or SAV to be serviced we will offer you 15% off any lifestyle or vehicle accessory in the showroom or in the catalog.

Front of the line access to exclusive offers and events.

BMW is a special brand. It’s part of the reason why those who purchase a BMW will most likely purchase another one with us when they’re ready to upgrade or trade in for a newer vehicle. So when we get in a new car before anyone else like the exclusive BMW XB7 Alpina, you will have the opportunity to drive it before anyone else.

BMW is more than a car; it’s a lifestyle.

Driving a BMW is unlike anything else. If you want a normal sedan or a daily driver that gets you from point A to point B, then clearly there are other options. But you drive a BMW because you want ultimate luxury and comfort, not a Lexus. Your life is the same. That’s why we partner with local brands that make a difference like Melin and Looking Homeward Coffee.

Have you tried our coffee?

We always have a calendar full of local events that we are part of, and one of our favorite things to do is show up at Cars & Coffee events.