Do I Need Personal Injury Protection Car Insurance?

Car financing can feel overwhelming, but MINI of Escondido is here to make the process a little clearer in the San Marcos and San Diego areas. Many customers ask us “Do I need personal injury protection car insurance?” While auto insurance personal injury protection is optional in most states, it’s still a highly recommended addition that can give you extra peace of mind on the roads. Take a look at what no-fault insurance offers and find out do you need personal injury protection auto insurance once and for all.

What is Auto Insurance Personal Injury Protection?

Auto insurance personal injury protection may be more familiar to you as “no-fault insurance”. This form of insurance will cover medical bills and lost wages if you or your passengers become injured in a collision. Most states do not require this type of insurance as mandatory, but it’s a good idea to discuss the details with your insurance company. What else should you know about no-fault insurance?

  • You may be covered if you are a passenger in another car, if you’re hit while walking, or if you are hit while riding a bicycle.
  • This insurance specifically covers car-related injuries that are left out of your health insurance policy. 
  • It is not the same as bodily injury liability, which pays for the medical expenses of the victim when you are at fault.

What Does Auto Insurance Personal Injury Protection Cover?

Your coverage will vary from state to state and plan to plan, but generally, it includes necessary medical procedures related to your accident recovery. This can include procedures like:

  • Operations
  • Hospitalization
  • Ongoing professional care
  • Lost wages from not working
  • Funeral expenses and accidental death benefits
  • Select home care expenses (e.g. childcare or house cleaning)

Do You Need Personal Injury Protection Auto Insurance?

If you live in one of the 16 states with mandatory personal injury protection, then the answer is simple! But even if this coverage is optional in your area, you still might want to ask yourself “Do I need personal injury protection car insurance?” The many unique benefits, like lost wages and home care expenses, might be worth the extra paperwork!

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