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Prepare Your Home for an Electric Vehicle

MINI Cooper SE


Have you decided to reduce your carbon footprint by upgrading to an electric vehicle like the new MINI Electric Hardtop 2-Door? Good for you. Along with being an eco-friendly choice, one of the key benefits of an EV is lower maintenance costs than a traditional gas-powered car. But one aspect that some drivers may overlook is that you’ll need to prepare your home for an electric vehicle. While there is an ever-growing EV charging station infrastructure in the San Marcos area, home charging will still probably be your primary method. The following guide from MINI of Escondido will help you prepare your home for an electric vehicle and set up an electric vehicle home charger.

1. Decide on a Charging Type (AKA Charging Level)

Most home car charging systems fall into Level 1 or Level 2 categories. Here’s more information on charging times for each system:

  • Level 1 EV charging often takes days to fully charge an electric car.
  • Level 2 EV charging often takes several hours to fully charge an electric car, but you can often get between 60-200 miles of range in just 20-30 minutes. Many EV owners in the San Diego area alternate daytime “top-off” charging with overnight charging.

2. Get Your Garage Ready

It’s a good idea to clean out and organize your garage to accommodate your new EV and electric vehicle home charger.

3. Find Your Power Panel & Assess Consumption

Locate the main power panel in your home and confirm that it is rated for a maximum amount of current flow measured in Amperes. Most new homes come with a 100 Amp power panel, but there should be an amperage rating printed on your main circuit breaker. It is important to get a handle on how much electrical energy you consistently use in your house. To do this, perform a self-assessment of your electricity use before you install an EV charging system. You do not want to overload your electric distribution panel.

4. Hire an Electrician

You’ll need a certified electrician to install a dedicated 240-volt plug or add a hardwired circuit back to the power panel. This will typically cost a couple of hundred dollars but could be up to $1,000 or $3,000 if it’s found that your power panel requires upgrading.

5. Buy Your Charger & Have it Installed

Find out what kind of electric vehicle home charger your EV requires and purchase it. Then, have it professionally installed by your electrician.

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