How to Bless Local this upcoming school year.

July 30th, 2021 by

MINI of Escondido remains committed to our large community, and through Bless Local and Jeff Moors at Rhythm, we will continue to show up when it counts. As a locally owned and operated BMW dealership, we know that we’re a little different than most large box dealerships. We’re lean, so we stay hungry to serve our clients better than anyone else. We’re nimble, so we’re on our feet for whatever needs our clients present. We’re local, so we’re here when you need it. For us, it’s not about some family concept; it’s who we really are.

Here’s the thing: not everyone is doing good right now. And you know what? It’s OK to admit it. That’s what makes this community so great; we’re real and honest about how life is going. When Jeff Moors at Rhythm and Chris Peck at Cobian approached us about partnering to serve families in Oceanside, we were all over it. It just speaks to the heart of who we are, what the Brecht family believes personally and as business owners, and helps those in our community who need a little extra help right now.

Through BLESS LOCAL, Rhythm worked with the local O-side community to:

  • Give Away 5 Pallets of FREE Food
  • Provide FREE Backpacks and School Supplies for Kids in Oceanside School District
  • Distribute Over $1,500 in Grocery Gift Cards
  • Provide FREE Haircuts.
  • Pass out over 150 hygiene kits.
  • Distribute over 100 pairs of FREE Shoes and Sandals.
  • Bring encouragement to those facing hard times through live music, skate demos, and games for kids

Where do you come in?

As a dedicated community, we are asking our BMW and MINI owners to join with us, our community, and over a dozen other locally owned and operated businesses to BLESS LOCAL on August 7 from 11:00am to 2:00pm. In addition to supporting the community of Oceanside by being present, we’d ask that you consider how you may help those in our cities who may need a little extra help this season. Specifically, consider helping kids who may not have school supplies without your help. Grab a backpack, fill it up with everything your child would need, and drop it off at Rhythm.

Thanks for having our community’s back. And when you need it, we’ve got yours too.

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