Jack Shaffer and his 2012 Cooper S

August 20th, 2021 by

Jack Shaffer is a MINI fanatic, future MINI mechanic, and a current MINI and BMW porter who loves the brand. 

MINI world, it’s time you met Jack Shaffer. Jack is currently a porter at BMW | MINI of Escondido, preparing our vehicles for sale as well as detailing those that have been sold to our clients. He loves his job, but he loves the brand more. He loves his job so much, he went to school and completed a degree to become an auto technician and is now specializing in the BMW and MINI brand. His goal one day is to lead that department, but for now, he gets joy out of being a porter and learning as much as he can about the brand, its models, and the customers that love to drive them. 

Jack Shaffer and His MINI, in His Words

“I was introduced to the MINI brand as a young teenager when my mom bought her first MIN. She always loved that car and it’s what made me want a MINI for myself. When I first started driving I had a truck, but I would steal the keys to my mom’s MINI–whenever I could distract her enough–and from the first drive, I was hooked. After High school I needed a car to commute to my trade school, so I bought my first MINI. 

My first MINI was a 2005 R53 six speed. I didn’t modify that car much because I needed the fuel economy (and I didn’t have a job). I owned that MINI for about a year before blowing the motor, and in August of 2020 I bought my second MINI (which is the one I currently own). My “new to me” 2012 MINI Cooper S R56 has been a huge experience for me because I was able to heavily modify it. I love working on my MINI almost as much as I love driving it.”

We took Jack out for a drive recently so he could show his MINI off, and it did not disappoint. While that video is still in production, we want to draw your attention to his hard work and the modifications he has poured into his prized MINI, one that makes it a draw at all the MINI club meet-ups. 

Engine and Performance 

  • Stage 2 tune by Mario Plaza 
  • M7 cold air intake
  • M7 turbo heat shield 
  • M7 oil catch can 
  • M7 hot and cold side intercooler piping 
  • Forge BOV with upgraded 25psi spring 
  • Wagner tuning competition Intercooler 
  • Miltek catless downpipe 
  • Ngk step colder spark plugs 
  • Bosch upgraded Ignition coils 
  • Malian cat back “race” exhaust  
  • NM Dogbone mount 

Interior and Comfort

  • Craven speed adjustable short throw shifter 
  • Black flag USA shift boot delete 
  • Mishimoto shift knob 
  • carbon fiber flat bottom steering wheel 
  • Ultragauge gauges/code reader 

Exterior and Drive

  • M7 “C” Wing 
  • M7 carbon fiber vortex hood scoop 
  • Black “S” side scuttles
  • 5mm Wheel Spacers 
  • Union Jack sequential tail lights 
  • Stability and handling 
  • Drilled and slotted brake rotors 
  • 25mm hollow rear sway bar 
  • M7 Strut brace 
  • Bc Racing coilovers 
  • Alta Sway bar links 
  • Godspeed rear lower control arms 


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