When you lease, you pay for only the MINI you use during the lease. With a lower overall financial commitment and some of the industry’s most competitive leasing programs, MINI Financial Services helps you save the money for the good stuff. You’ll be able to drive the MINI you crave, stacked with all the options and accessories you want.

  • Want to drive your MINI 5,000 miles? 50,000? 100,000? The Motoring Lease might be the ideal option for you. With the Motoring Lease, you tell us how many miles you’d like to lease your MINI for, and we’ll come up with a plan that fits your specific needs. Plus, since leasing doesn’t require the same cash commitment as other options, you could use the money and miles you have on hand to break in your new MINI on a cross-country jaunt.
  • One of the best things about this lease is the flexibility it provides. If, at the end of your lease, you’re bored of your first MINI’s color or just feel like it’s time to start seeing other MINIs – no problem.  You can even structure your lease according to your individual needs. If you have a limited down payment or no trade-in, leasing allows you to motor with reasonable monthly payments.
  • In a MINI, it’s easy to lose track of the miles. That’s why our Mileage Adjustment Program helps you avoid lease-end excess-mileage charges without obsessing over the odometer. Contact your MINI dealer to learn more.