How To Fix MINI Cooper SE Apple CarPlay in Escondido, CA

March 16th, 2020 by

Some of the new MINI Cooper SE equipped with the standard 6.5” Touchscreen Navigation Package may have issues with two features:

  • Advanced Real-Time Traffic
  • InformationApple CarPlay

This is due to a backend configuration issue, which activates the services in these vehicles. The solution is easy but may not be immediately available.

1. From the main menu, select “MINI Connected”
2. Once in the MINI Connected menu, press the “Option” button next to the MINI controller
3. Next, scroll down and select “Update MINI services”

Additionally, in order to fully activate Apple CarPlay Compatibility, it will be necessary to remove any previously-paired devices and then re-pair those devices to the vehicle, once the above update is performed.

1. Delete iPhone from your MINI, and delete your MINI from your iPhone
a. In your MINI, go to “Communication > Manage mobile devices.” Then, select the device to delete and select “Delete device”
b. On your iPhone, under the “Settings” menu, tap “Bluetooth.” Find the vehicle’s ID and select the “i” icon. Proceed to “Forget This Device” on the screen

2. Pair iPhone and connect to CarPlay
a. To start, navigate to the “Communication” menu. Then, select “Manage mobile devices”
b. On the following screen, choose “Connect new device”. Select the function “Apple CarPlay”
c. On the following screen, select “Connect Apple CarPlay and confirm”
d. On your iPhone, in the “Settings” section select “General” followed by “CarPlay” to put your device in paring mode
e. Confirm the pairing code on the iDrive screen is the same as on your iPhone and select “OK”
f. On your iPhone, continue by accepting the additional prompts that appear, being certain to accept them all

We apologize for the inconvenience that this may cause! Please email us at [email protected] or text us if we can help you out with this set up.

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