MINI Vision Urbanaut

July 23rd, 2021 by

Mini Vision Urbanaut Is a Full-Size Space Concept

Discover a vision of a MINI Design with a larger and more versatile interior than ever – the vision vehicle MINI Vision Urbanaut, an all-new interpretation of a space concept. MINI took the dream and made it a reality from a rendering, with an all-electric, autonomous lounge on wheels with the same flair you’d expect from MINI.

The MINI Vision Urbanaut has been discussed for a year in the digital space, but it’s a reality now and on display in Germany. While the Vision Urbanaut was designed to be electric drive and autonomous, we see it coming to fruition a little more clearly. For sure it will retain the all-electric desire from the minivan concept, but it will stay driver-oriented like all MINI Coopers and focused on the fun ride, with an emphasis on passenger comfort and convenience in spacious seating. After all, what good is a MINI if you can’t drive it… even on skateboard wheels.

While driving, the interior can shift among three modes Chill, Vibe, and Wanderlust that alter the ambient lighting, layout, sound, and fragrance inside the Vision Urbanaut. Yeah, we said fragrance. If you have teens, then you understand. And if you’re road-trippin’, then you really get it. It’s not just about memorable experience and mood lighting; it’s about a practical car with flair. I mean, the seating lounge is slick as anything, but the Vision Urbanaut is a true experiential product.

Like the newly released model, the all-electric BMW iX, the MINI Vision Urbanaut is roomy. It’s incredibly spacious, thanks to an electric powertrain, which allows for a flat floor and living-room-like proportions. The exterior design of the Urbanaut is smooth and simple, and the front and rear ends are dominated by LEDs, blended into the shell to make the concept smooth as butter. If anything, you can say this vision is a complete package; it blends itself together perfectly.

The MINI Vision Urbanaut features three such “moments” think of this marketing jargon like a drive mode, except only one of the settings is actually centered around travel. The first, called Chill, turns the car into a retreat from the outside world. The interior lighting mimics “a green forest canopy,” and the instrument panel transforms into a table lamp, “eliminating displays or switches that might remind the customer of their automotive surroundings.”

Like the future of all BMW and MINI models, the MINI Vision Urbanaut is all about sustainability and innovative materials, like an interior swathed in recycled materials and textiles including wool, polyester, and Tencel, and the steering wheel and sections of the floor are made from recyclable cork. In this sense, you see a lot of alignment with the MINI Electric SE and the recently introduced BMW iX and the BMW i4. From the materials to the sourcing, this vehicle is meant to go far, save our valuable resources, and make our planet (and drivers) happy. And this time, we call this a MINI Moment.

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